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The physics of what causes topspin and high bounce in the tennis kick serve.

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Tennis Tips/Instruction. ... To me a kick serve and a topspin serve are the same, you toss it farther behind you and hit up on the ball, causing topspin which brings the ball down and then kicks up.

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In Jeff's dirty diaper drill, after finishing the kick serve, palm facing up, which I count as no pronation.(he argued that there is pronation though)

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I've got a huge match coming up in the next week so I don't want to make any huge changes, but I've struggled with my toss for years and especially with the 2nd serve.

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Tennis Industry magazine has an article asking for the kick serve to be taught to juniors and adults later on than when it is taught now.

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The tennis serve is one of the most important shots of the game, as it’s the only shot where everything relies on you.

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Below I'll highlight a few points that will not only give you more spin but a better understanding of what it takes to make your serve consistent and harder to return.

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In tennis, a serve (also known as service) is defined as the shot players hit to start every point.

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What is Spin in tennis? What does it mean in ATP (WTA)